Modestly priced domain name registration & transfer service providers

Domain prices is currently hosted by Angry Dog Hosting Company and is managed via the finest Domain Manager you can chance upon on the hosting marketplace now. Via this astonishing multi-select and multi-action domain manipulation accessory you can: register domain names, transfer domain names, park domain names, modify your domain names' Whois input, shield your top level domain names' classified Whois input, renew domains and Whois privacy packages, register your own personal nameservers, create your personal DNS name server whenever you want, change DNS resource records (A, MX, AAAA, etc.), park your domain names and, lastly, the most essential of all - you can simply host your domains and make them visible from everywhere in the World! Below is a listing of the domains that can be registered or transferred.

Popular Domains 1-year 2-years 10-years Hosting
with Domain
COM (Commercial) £10.89 GBP £21.78 GBP £108.90 GBP
NET (Network) £12.59 GBP £25.18 GBP £125.90 GBP £8.90 GBP
BIZ (Business) £11.70 GBP £23.40 GBP £117.00 GBP £8.19 GBP
ORG (Non-Commercial) £12.12 GBP £24.24 GBP £121.20 GBP £8.48 GBP
TV (Television) £34.68 GBP £69.36 GBP £346.80 GBP £34.68 GBP
State Domain Names 1-year 2-years 10-years Hosting
with Domain
EU (European Union) £10.00 GBP £20.00 GBP £100.00 GBP
CO.UK (United Kingdom) £7.50 GBP £15.00 GBP £75.00 GBP